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Quadra Island Tourism CTO - Measuring Success

Help us make the most of our efforts in reaching our potential visitors

"And how did you hear about us?" it's become a bit of a cliché, but knowing where our customers are coming from and which marketing investments resulted in the most conversion into revenue is one of the most important principles of effective advertising and marketing planning.

With all there is to do getting properties ready for the coming season, hiring and training new staff, planning itineraries, purchasing equipment, maintaining and upgrading infrastructure, keeping track of inquiries and marketing is easily lost in the shuffle.

But it would be very helpful to both Quadra Island Tourism and your own business success if throughout the coming year you and your staff could help us gather feedback on how our marketing campaigns have been working.

Visitor Survey - Through 2016 Quadra Island Toursim will be conducting a survey to learn more about our visitors: where they've come from, how they've heard about the island and what they've enjoyed here. The survey will be distributed in two main formats: in the 2016 Guide to the Discovery Islands with a call to action and instructions for respondants to return the survey, and as a stand-alone page that will be collected at accommodation providers and in a collection box on the M.V. Powell River Queen.

We are asking our Quadra businesses especially accommodation hosts to assist us in distributing and collecting the survey. If you'd like to help with this project or to find out more eMail:

If you already have a system in place to gather and assess inquiry sources and the rate of conversion to actual visits, that's fantastic and if possible it would be great if you could share any additional information, in complete confidence of course, with regard to any inquiries identified as a result of our advertising campaigns.

Contact us in confidence by eMail: with your details. It will help us improve and make the most of the valuable funding Quadra Island Tourism is receiving and working through with the Community Tourism Opportunities program.

Thank you!


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